Initial Consult

$225/90 minutes

Formulate a plan to reach ultimate goals.

The therapist will complete a social developmental study for children and an initial assessment for adult patients.  This session will include introductions, a brief history, exploration of the patient’s chief complaint and development of treatment plan.

Individual Session

$165/45-50 minutes

One-on-One Therapy

During these sessions the therapist and patient will work together using a variety of evidence based therapeutic interventions to guide the patient toward successful achievement of outcomes.

Family Session

$185/45-50 minutes

Develop family effective communication skills.

Family sessions are essential for the treatment of children not only to provide support to family members but to ensure that the treatment plan is being followed across settings to achieve the best outcomes for the child and family. These sessions may occur with or without the patient present. 

Group Session

$35/50-90 minutes

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  • Social Skills
  • Art Journaling
  • Coaching

    "Life in Full Bloom"

  • Adolescent/Young Adult Social Groups*
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Begins June 17th, 2020

Six Participants, Ages 16-20


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